Morning Musume,Anime Expo 2009

It was clarified that Morning musume performed to
"Anime Expo 2009" held in Los Angeles the guest
in the summer of 2009.

"Anime Expo" is the maximum animated cartoon
convention in an American west coast.

Anime Expo is held for four days
from July 2nd to July 5th.

Arc-en-Ciel, Hirano Aya, and L 'Nakagawa Shouko, etc. have been
invited to current "Anime Expo" by Japan.

Morning Musume with a live experience in Asian nations is
interesting and how it is welcomed is interesting
in United States “OTAKU".

Morning Musume is scheduled to release new album
"Platinum 9 DISC" on March 18.

After "SEXY 8 BEAT" of the sale March, 2007,
it becomes new after an interval of two years
as an original album of Morning Musume.

Morning Musume News




The first of portable game that raised the monster in 1997 and 'Digital
monster' was put on the market.
It is "TAMAGICCHI that fights. " for the boy that adds the fighting
element to breeding game TAMAGOCCHI that has already succeeded in the
commodity of Bandai.

Eminence and popularity gradually rose to this game at once with the
smash hit around schoolchildren though it did not become since the
following series was released after it had put it on the market.

An official rally of D-1 grand prix that made DEGIMONKEY and Volcano
OOTA a chairperson was held in the major city in the Japanese whole

'Digimon adventure' of the first enjoys extraordinary popularity, and it has
spread to foreign countries including the United States though the animation
broadcasting is begun in 1999.