The theater version animated cartoon by the Toei animation was open to the public
in the animated cartoon on September 15, 2007.

The first first appearance place in the attendance ranking was recorded on the weekend of the work of Tokyo single pavilion (mini theater) opening to the public.
TV animation in addition by the Kyoto animation from October 4, 2007 as well as the time of ..'AIR'.. 'Kanon' (the second Composition) begins broadcasting.

As for a clear stage setting, the thing that seems that almost the same location it is used with TSUKUBA university attachment KOMABA junior high school and the high school for the background such as schoolhouses of a no bur and the TV animated cartoon version. However, there is no official announcement by the production staff.

There is a scene description that seems that MIZUHO view park in Tokyo MIZUHO
town etc. it in the TV animated cartoon version.

< story >
It is a story of the exchange and growth with Dea ..floatage.. heroines where it is a certain town in the educational institution that commutes that known hero and hero of the name as the happening young hooligan.

It consists of three parts of the fantasy world inserted everywhere of AFTER STORY and this volume that draws subsequent of the chapter of the educational institution that achieves events of high school student's hero and heroines and the hero who finishes high school.

This Composition who had been drawn with "Bonds" of the person and the person as the theme became three blockbuster following ..'Kanon'.. 'AIR'. In the majority of the appearance character, individual ending with a staff roll exists.